Arctic Cruise: When to Go?

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May through September is usually the top season to plan your Arctic cruise as there are fewer insects, the temperatures are tolerable, and usually above freezing levels.At a Glance: High Season: June-July (warmest weather) Shoulder Season: May, August-September (chillier temperatures, fewer insects) Aurora Borealis: August-November Migrating animals: Autumn Don’t Visit: December-early April (frigid temperatures, short, dark days) Though the austere Arctic landscape is often imagined

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When to Go on an Arctic Cruise?

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The travel season in the Arctic runs from May through November. The best times to go are late May to early June when wildlife spotting is at it’s best, and mid-August into September when, with a little luck, the Aurora Borealis may be seen. The weather during these “shoulder seasons” is not as warm as mid-June to mid-August, but the

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Best Time to Visit Canada

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While Canada is a worthwhile destination to visit year-round; spring, summer, and fall are the best times to visit for spring flowers, warm weather, and fall colors as well as wildlife in the far-off regions of British Columbia. At a glance: Spring (March-May): Great wildlife spotting opportunities, the best time to look at the flowers and cherry blossoms, and the

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Top Places to Visit in the Arctic

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An expedition cruise through the Arctic is unlike any other vacation experience. As you follow in the wake of great explorers, you will discover firsthand the breathtaking beauty and surprising biodiversity that exists in the northernmost region of the globe. A cruise of the Arctic may circumnavigate one single country or cross the Arctic Circle on a comprehensive expedition. Here

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Svalbard/Spitsbergen best time to visit

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Between June and September is the best time to visit Svalbard and Spitsbergen as it is high season for cruises, the wildlife is active, the ice flows have melted, and the days are long. Svalbard is ‘the wildlife capital of the artic.’ Polar summer’s long days mean that the sun shines for most of the day and night, making spotting

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